• for Consumers

  • What is sembako?

    An On-demand application to order and buy daily needs that will be deliver to your home, office, restaurant or school very fast.

    Why should I use Sembako?

    Sembako offers daily needs at a fair price and making ordering more easily and efficiently in a one step process vs traditional commerce platforms.

    What products can I buy from Sembako app?

    Currently, you may order Aqua Gallon and Elpiji Gas. However, we will offer other products such as rice, oil, flour, salt, sugar, egg, meat and other FMCG very soon.

    How long does the delivery take and what are the hours of operation?

    Once a shop accepts your order, it will be delivered to you within an hour. The operation hours varies depending on each of the shops between the hours 7am to 7pm seven days a week.

    What is the cost to use Sembako and any hidden and delivery fees?

    The application is free and all prices shown are inclusive with no hidden fees or extra delivery charges

    Why there are no shops around my subdistrict?

    Please recommend us the shop around your house by providing the phone number and name of the shop through the application or email to sales@sembako.co so we can onboard the shop and make your life better next time ordering

    What if no one is home?

    Not a problem, set an ordering alarm with the scheduler when you will be home so it may be delivered within the next hour.

  • for Merchants

  • What is sembako?

    An On-demand application to take orders if the daily needs that your shop sells.

    Why should I partner with Sembako?

    Sembako helps to bring your shop online so you increase your customer, sales and revenue. In the future, we will provide analytics for you to better market and run your business.

    What products can I sell on Sembako app?

    Currently, shops are able to sell Aqua Gallon and elpiji gas. However, we will expand the product list to items such as rice, oil, flour, salt, sugar, egg, meat and other FMCG very soon.

    What if I can not make the delivery?

    Merchants have the choice to decline an order once the order comes in with the specific address and list of order goods from the consumer if they are not able to make the delivery.

    What is the cost to join Sembako?

    There is no cost charge to join Sembako.

    What is required to join Sembako?

    You will need to have an Android smartphone, KTP and bank account. IOS will be available soon.

    How to be a partner with Sembako?

    Please send email to sales@embako.co and someone on our team will get back to you.